Licenced Producers come in all shapes and sizes. In this series, we are going to explore some of the lesser known licenced producers and see what sets them apart.

This week we are looking at…. Organigram

In our plants, our people and our company

About Organigram:

Organigram is a Canadian company that was established in Moncton, New Brunswick back in 2013. With their slogan being “in our plants, our people and our company” – it is strongly believed that Organigram’s motive is to consistently continue to grow their client list, and to provide growth for their people and community. Organigram strives to commit majority of their efforts to help improve the quality of life for all patients across Canada. After Organigram have gained permission to work with industry organizations and healthcare providers, they were able to establish a supporting research team and provide education to their team, so that clients can comfortably allow themselves to purchase safe & effective products to improve their overall health. In addition, Organigram was able to create a Client Welcome Kit that is provided free which includes a copy of Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana cookbook, waterproof travel container, a personalized client card, and a welcome guide to educate patients on the many ways cannabis can be taken!

Organigram is a great company because their business aspect is not only providing many safe effective quality products, but their goal is to provide jobs, being good neighbours, and help contribute to the community as a whole.


When it comes to Organigram growing their cannabis, there are seven golden steps that they follow in order to deliver high quality products:

  1. They are committed to test every product for pesticides that goes beyond their regulatory requirements. They test all their lots for over 60 various pesticides before releasing the products for sales and purchases.
  2. They are committed to test the inputs from outside suppliers on a regular basis before the items are used; inputs include items such as seeds, fertilizers, water, growing medium, etc.
  3. They are committed to extend their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) operation to include periodic live plants sampling for pesticide screening.
  4. They are committed to following a formal program routine for receiving, securing, and testing critical inputs on a regular basis.
  5. They are committed to following a comprehensive screening process to pre-qualify suppliers before they are approved to do business with Organigram.
  6. They are committed to provide high-end security where they have industry-leading closed-circuit camera coverage throughout their facility, including areas beyond their regulatory requirements.
  7. They are committed to their formal education and training process for all employees, and focus on safety, production quality, and consistency.


In addition to Organigram’s ambition to deliver high quality effective products, they want every clients to be assured that their products are grown with care and safety procedures. To present their assurance, they now provide Certificates of Analysis for any patient that wish to view it!

Organigram has a high regulation process within their pharmaceutical grade facility which includes standardized rules for packaging, labeling and storing their products. They track and record every single process that goes from seeds-to-sales. Organigram is often aware of health regulations, so their facility is well-maintained with pristine, uncontaminated work environments for Health Canada auditors. In addition to their care about people & community, they have a lower environmental footprint to help the planet.


City: Moncton, New Brunswick

Number of Strains:

Currently: 14 Available Strains as of November 16, 2017 out of 20 Strains in their selection.

Product Types:

  • Dry Herbs: Indica, Sativa, CBD, Blends (THC/CBD)
  • Oils: THC, CBD, Blends (THC/CBD)
  • Vaporizers: 9 Available Vaporizers



  • Shipping flat rate of $10.
  • All orders over 30g qualify for free shipping via Canada Post.

Packaging Notes:

Package was embedded in a box with the shipping company’s bag around it. Inside was the receipt with what was ordered for tax purposes. Child-proof container is white and baby blue in colour that contains dry herb products. All labels have the client’s name, healthcare practitioner’s name, licensed producer’s name, daily dosage quantity, registration expiration date, shipping date, and client receipt date. Container label also has the gram quantity, the genre such as: indica, sativa, and CBD, THC %w/w and CBD %w/w, and the strains name!

There is also a section on the label with an important notice that says, “Please read the Health Canada document provided with this package before using this product. Store in a cool dry location in the original packaging. No expiration date has been determined for this product. Keep out of reach of children”. Most importantly, there is a phone number and email for OrganiGram’s customer service if clients ever need it.

Potential Discounts:

Compassionate Program that offers 25% off for qualified patients that are either in the following situation: low income below $30,000 annually or have a disability with government assistant.