Vaporizers come in all shapes, sizes, and price points; some work surprisingly well for the money while others are better left on the shelf.
At Harvest Medicine in Calgary Alberta we want you to have the best medical cannabis experience possible so we put together a list of our favourite vaporizers for every budget!

Here are our favorite Entry Level Vaporizers available today.

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Zeus Smite

The Smite has an aluminum shell with sliding plastic covers that hide the heating chamber located at the top of the vaporizer and the mouthpiece compartment located at the bottom of the vaporizer. The mouthpiece is made of a heat-resistant silicone and comes with a metal screen. The ceramic heating chamber does a great job in heating your dry herb both evenly and thoroughly. This unit has 3 temperature settings which help cover a great range and make it possible to produce both thinner, and thicker vapor. This unit is very easy to use, considering it has only one button. This button can turn the machine on and off, and change the temperature the unit is set to.The build quality of this vaporizer is a great value for the price

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Utillian 420

A glass mouthpiece, digital display, all ceramic heating chamber, USB charging and a compact design are just a few things that make the Utillian 420 the best vaporizer on a budget. Vapor quality is easily the best for the price point with 4 calibrated pre-set temperatures for vaporization and the included glass mouthpiece to help preserve flavor and provide smooth vapor.

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