Vaporizers come in all shapes, sizes, and price points; some work surprisingly well for the money while others are better left on the shelf.
At Harvest Medicine in Calgary Alberta we want you to have the best medical cannabis experience possible so we put together a list of our favourite vaporizers for every budget!

Here are our favorite Top of the range Vaporizers available today.

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Airizer Solo 2

The Airizer Solo 2 has an all-glass vapor pathway that retains an amazing level of vapor quality. It has precise temperature control that ranges from 50-220 degrees celsius so that it preserves flavor and quality of the vapor. The length of the aroma tubes do a great job at cooling the vapor before it reaches your lips, providing a satisfying draw every time. Depending on your heat settings, you can get just under about 3 hours of battery life, considerably higher than previous airizer products. Having a digital display and precise temperature setting makes for finding the right temperature setting much easier for the user, leaving no need to having to memorize what light represents what temperature. The integration of the digital display for temperature control means more users will be able to tailor their sessions for their preferred vapor quality.

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Produced by the same company that made the infamous Volcano desktop vaporizer. Although this vaporizer is made of mostly plastic, it is very durable and feels very high quality, stands up to the heat very well and does not have a plastic flavor when vaporizing. This unit is equipped with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are separated from the units heating chamber, which keeps the batteries from excess heat from the chamber. This unit has great features that are very unique and provide amazing vapor quality.

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