ABcann Medicinals is licensed producer of medical cannabis that has exceptional products. They have a multitude of growing practices that are unparalleled. First and foremost, their technology sets them apart from other producers by controlling every aspect of the growing process through integrated computer systems. This allows them to create the exact growing environments necessary to produce high quality, consistent products for maximum therapeutic benefits. With each strain needing unique nutrients and environments, they are easily able to accommodate and replicate these growing processes. ABcann Medicinals chooses to grow in smaller batches to allow for more precise monitoring & quality assurance. These smaller batches are grown in controlled indoor environments to ensure there are no pesticides or contaminants in their cannabis. In addition, their cannabis is regularly tested, adhering to ACMPR regulations.

ABcann Medicinals offers their cannabis in two forms: Hand Trimmed and Patient Ready. When it comes to the hand trimmed buds, each one is carefully selected and professionally prepared by hand. The utmost attention is given to keep the buds and trichomes intact. Their patient ready option is for those individuals looking for easy-to-use cannabis, handy for vaporizer users. This cannabis is pre-ground which can expedite the consumption process. With either option, patients can rely on having access to consistent, safe, and effective medical cannabis.

Location: Napanee, Ontario

Number of Products:

Product Types:

  • 7 Whole Flowers
  • 6 Pre-milled 
  • 0 Oils (Coming Soon)
  • 5 Vaporizers


  • Free standard shipping on all orders, shipped via Canada Post.

Potential Discounts:

  • Compassion Pricing Program – 15% discount for patients with an income under $30,000/year
  • Veteran Coverage Program
  • Monthly promotions

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