Aphria was founded in 2014 in Leamington Ontario. The word “Aphria” means agreeable in Celtic, which is great word to describe the company’s pricing and policies. Part of Aphria’s success comes from their purchase of another producer from British Columbia called Broken Coast.

Aphria has an exceptionally high quality promise, committing to protecting the safety of their patients by ensuring they only sell clean and safe products. Their quality management program takes a total of 509 steps, and goes beyond the cannabis regulations mandated by Health Canada. To further solidify their stance, Aphria advocates for stricter regulations for licensed producers across Canada, hoping other companies will follow suit with advanced testing before sale. Aphria’s decision to test the nutrients and proportions that make up their fertilizer blends significantly reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals in pre-mixed fertilizers.

For patients who are new to cannabis, Aphria also provides tons of resources on their website. Blog discussions touch on multiple topics ranging from tax returns to medical cannabis myths. This gives patients a one stop site for their medication and education, making it that much easier for patients to feel comfortable with their cannabis consumption. They also have great customer service, ranked the #1 for Patient Care in 2016. Remember to keep an eye out for free giveaway items like medicine bags and touques.

Location: Leamington, Ontario

Number of Products:

Product Types:

  • 8 Dry Flowers
  • 4 Oils
  • Vaporizers
  • Accessories


  • Free on orders of 30g or more, otherwise distance based. Patients who do not have a monthly prescription of 30 grams or more are eligible for free shipping if they order their entire prescription.
  • Delivery may take 48 hours for orders shipped outside Ontario.

Potential Discounts:

  • Free medicine bag after the 3rd order following a prescription renewal.
  • Aphria aims to keep the cost of their cannabis affordable for everyone, therefore they are not able to offer further discounts at this time.

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