Treasure Island, cultivated by Aphria is a high-CBD strain useful for its medical properties without the intoxicating effects of THC. This strain was created by Las Vegas Sin City Seeds from a crossing of a Sativa flower known as Swiss Gold, and a hybrid flower called AC/DC. Treasure Island is documented to have different phenotypes, one being a 1|16 THC|CBD ratio and the other being a 1|6 THC|CBD ratio. Due to varying levels of CBD to THC, Treasure Island has a multitude of applications for medical use.

Strain Name Treasure Island

Strain Details: High CBD Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 0.6%, CBD: 14.69%

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene

Physical Description:

Treasure Island has physical characteristics that are a result of its commercial growing environment. This CBD-strain has small to medium sized buds that display colors of dark green overlaid with a golden-brown hue reflected from the abundant resin present on its leaves. Upon closer inspection, you realize that this strain has small orange-red pistils that collect themselves on the top of the cannabis bud. This strains’ leaves fold within itself creating a dense-cluster like appearance. It should be noted that Treasure Islands ‘dense buds contain a fair number of stems and have fair bit of moisture. As you touch this flower it feels damp and resembles clusters of moss in its texture and in some cases its physical appearance.

What does it smell like:

Treasure Island is by far one of the most interesting and pleasant-smelling dried cannabis products. This strain gives off strong floral and sweet grass-like tones that are blended nicely with sharp fragrances of citrus and spice. The odor itself is lively in nature but does not linger or over take the room like other cannabis strains. On the contrary, this sweet-floral and citrus bouquet of smells quickly stimulates your senses and then gently fades leaving no traces of that typical cannabis-like smell. As you ignite the grounds of this strain, you do get a cannabis-like odor, however, it is not as pungent and will fade quickly if used through a high-quality vaporizer.

What does it taste like:

Like its olfactory profile, Treasure Island is lively and rich in its taste making it a pleasure to consume. This strain was tested through variety of consumption methods and was found to be very smooth as its vapor/smoke glides through the palate releasing an array of sweet-floral, rich citrus, and spicy herb-like flavors. Initially, there is an abundance of citrus and floral like flavors. This sweet tasting combination is followed by a strong herb and pepper-like spice that is invigorating on the palate. As you exhale you taste tones of pine, pepper, that are combined with sharp floral tones that resemble a lavender-like smell combined with a strong spice presence. What was notable about this strain was the unique citrus and pine taste that lingered after consumption.

*Use and Effects:

Despite its low THC content, Treasure Island is useful due its effectiveness in reducing a plethora of symptoms. Along with pain-reducing effects and strong anti-anxiolytic properties, Treasure island has excellent stimulating qualities that are non-intoxicating. Quick in its onset, as you take your first inhales you quickly start to notice a steady increase of energy that is accompanied by increased focus and feelings of calmness that become slightly euphoric in nature. This property was effective when waking up early mornings and tackling a stressful day. As the session continues you notice strong body effects that manifest in joint and muscular pain relief. This is one of the most beneficial properties as this strain has amazing anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant properties. A potent strain, it requires very little to combat symptoms associated with discomfort and pain. Treasure Island has been reported to be very effective in combating early morning nausea, migraines (from concussions), muscle tear pain, knee-joint pain, and pain resulting from trauma. By far one of the best stimulating CBD strains from the list of Canadian licensed producers, this strain is not over-stimulating but makes you feel good with strong anxiety properties that also serve as a mild antidepressant. Typically effects last for 2 hours and the user is left without an energy crash after it wears off.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.  

Reviewed December 5th 2018.

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