How long does it usually take for my order to ship and arrive?

Each Licensed Producer  has a different demand load, but they all do their best. Please check with a Harvest Medicine CannaGenius — they often know the latest information on supply and delivery.

Is shipping included in the price of my medicine?

Shipping price is not generally included in the price for cannabis.  Many Licensed Producers offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. .

How long does the renewal process take?

Please book a follow-up appointment with your Harvest Medicine doctor at least one month before your Medical Document expires. A new Medical Document will be written, and it must be filed with your Licensed Producer.

Once I've completed my forms, how long does the registration process take?

Each Licensed Producer has different turnaround times. Verification may take one to three weeks. Once your Medical Document has been verified,  you will receive your unique patient ID number and you can start to order. Many  LPs will email you this number, and a physical welcome kit will arrive by standard mail later. Ask our Canna Geniuses which LP’s currently have short verification times as some can do it in under 3 business days.

If I am already a registered patient, how do I update my personal information?

Please sign-in to our patient portal and update your information.

After registration is complete with a Licensed Producer, can my original medical document be returned to me?

  • No, Health Canada requires the LP to keep the original medical document.
  • You have the right to change LPs, though, and that would require cancellation of the current LP. Contact them as soon as possible for instructions.

Is it possible to register with multiple Licensed Producers of medical cannabis?

You may select a maximum of two LPs to split your allotment between.

How long will my first appointment be?

For your first appointment you should budget 30 minutes.  This includes time to see the doctor, educate yourself via our educational exhibits, and discuss your LP selection and requirements with a Canna Genius.

Please note: As we are a medical clinic, sometimes patients require a little more care and wait times can increase. We do our best to be on time, but we do occasionally run a little late as a result of our customer service. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

How long will my follow-up appointment be?

Usually 10-15 minutes

Can my medical documents be emailed for renewal?

No. It’s important to see your doctor for follow-up, just as you would with any medication.

Does my physician have to complete a new or separate medical document specifically for cannabis oils?

No, you do not need a separate Medical Document for oil.  Your LP will know the equivalency of your dried cannabis in oil and can help you order in oil form or a combination of dried herb and oil.

How do I order?

You can order via phone or the internet. Many patients prefer to talk over the phone with the LP for the first order, as they can answer specific questions about their products and help you ensure you’re ordering the right product.

How much medical cannabis can I order?

The lesser of, one month’s (30 days) allotment at a time or 150 grams..

Can I pick up my medical cannabis order at your facility?

No, Health Canada requires secure delivery to your address or that of a designate by either courier or Canada Post.