Bedtime has origins in the Netherlands and took the genetic experts at Hydropothecary 3 years of work and considerable effort to create; an 80% (Indica)/20% (Sativa) strain. After some online searching it appears Bedtime could potentially be a cross between Cinderella 99 (a.k.a C99/Cindy) and Afghani #1 (although this is not confirmed by Hydropothecary).

Strain Name: Bedtime

Strain Details: Indica – THC: 16.73 %, CBD: <0.001 %,

Most prominent terpene: N/A

Physical Description:

The Bedtime has some of the larger buds in the Time of Day line-up (similar in size to the After Dinner). The buds are reasonably dense with a splendid shadowy forest green color and has a nice consistent coating of thin trichomes throughout the buds adding a nice radiance to the strain. However, the Bedtime is somewhat lackluster when it comes to the orange pistils creeping out from the interior of the buds, unlike some cannabis strains that are abundant in these little orange hairs.

What does it smell like:

The Bedtime initially has a very sweet, floral and earthy  aroma- like a blossoming bouquet of spring meadow flowers. In addition to the sweet blossoming floral smells though, there is also a subtle but distinct fragrance of sweet cheese similar to home-baked cheesecake. I’ve heard others described Bedtime as muskier and dankier smelling strain, which I personally believe is related to this subtle but distinct cheese smell slightly hidden below the floral perfumes.

What does it taste like:

The Bedtime has quite a palatable taste profile to it. Upon first inhale there the flavour is distinctly earthy with a bit of that muskiness often found in different kush strains. This initial inhale is slightly cheesy and grassy with sweeter more citrus/flowery type notes experienced on the exhale. A savoury taste profile with just a touch of sweetness makes this strain quite a pleasant flavour for the evening.

Use and Effects:  

The Bedtime is one of my go to strains for bedtime (go figure!), but honestly is one of the best strains I’ve ever tried to get a good night’s rest! A fantastic full sleep, is experienced with no grogginess or brain fog in the morning. There is certainly elements of a smooth cerebral high but the effects are mainly full body and deliver that lethargic couch locked feeling .I have consumed this strain through a few different methods- through a water pipe, joint and a desktop vaporizer unit; all of which worked and delivered the same knockout effects. However, this strain did deliver less cerebral effects when consumed through the vaporizer.

Reviewed Sept 19 2018

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