Top 10 CBD & THC capsules, ranked by price per mg.

Ties broken by lowest unit price. LPs that list ranges are ranked by average value. If unit price varies by province, price is averaged to determine Canadian ranking. Decarb capsules are delivered as loose product and must be assembled manually. Current as of March 28, 2019.

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  1. Hydropothecary Decarb High CBD
  2. CannTrust CBD Capsules (x30)
  3. CannTrust CBD Capsules (x60)
  4. CannTrust High Dose CBD Capsules
  5. CanniMed 1:10 Capsules (x60)
  6. CanniMed 1:10 Capsules (x30)
  7. Aphria Rideau Regular Strength
  8. Spectrum Yellow
  9. MedReleaf AvidekelĀ 
  10. Emblem 0:20 CBD


  1. Emblem Maker’s Mix Hybrid
  2. Emblem Maker’s Mix Indica
  3. Hydropothecary Decarb High THC
  4. CannTrust THC Capsules
  5. Aphria Champlain Extra StrengthĀ 
  6. MedReleaf Alaska, Luminarium, Sedamen, StellioĀ 
  7. Spectrum Red No.1 Indica, Red No.2 Sativa
  8. Aphria Champlain Regular StrengthĀ 
  9. Aurora Sativa Softgels
  10. Emblem 20:0 THC

Current as of March 28 2019

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