Price Watch 💳 CBD Whole Flower (price per gram)

Looking for maximum medical value with minimum impairment? Tonight we countdown the top 20 CBD whole flower strains. Current as of April 18, 2019.
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  1. CanniMed 1:13
  2. CanniMed 4:10
  3. HEXO Terra
  4. Aurora Tower
  5. Delta 9 CBD Skunk Haze
  6. Aphria Tremblant
  7. Canna Farms CBD Skunk Haze
  8. CannTrust Purple Pines
  9. Organigram CBD Rich Baleen
  10. Peace Naturals Dancehall


  1. Canna Farms Cannatonic
  2. Canna Farms B3
  3. Canna Farms Beacon CBD Ambient
  4. Canna Farms Canna Bliss
  5. MedReleaf Trutiva Sativa
  6. JWC Cannatonic
  7. Solace Health Reverie
  8. MedReleaf Nollia Indica
  9. Emblem Cherry Hill
  10. CannTrust CT-CBD #1


*Please note that LPs may not absorb provincial excise tax on medical cannabis.
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