Do you have a minimum age policy?

Access to medical cannabis is subject to the legal age limit in each individual province or territory. More information.

Can I just walk into the clinic and wait to see a doctor?

Since our doctors are likely busy with prebooked appointments, please book to avoid disappointment. Its quick and easy on our website where you can view the full calendar, but you can also call or book in person.

How do I register and get approved to buy medical cannabis?

  • First, make an appointment with a doctor at Harvest Medicine. If cannabis could be an option for you, the doctor will issue a medical document.
  • Next, chat with our Cannabis Educators to help you choose a Licensed Producer of medical cannabis.

Once I've completed my forms, how long does the registration process take?

Each Licensed Producer has different turnaround times. Verification may take one to three weeks. Once your Medical Document has been verified,  you will receive your unique patient ID number and you can start to order. Many  LPs will email you this number, and a physical welcome kit will arrive by standard mail later. Ask our Cannabis Educatorses which LP’s currently have short verification times as some can do it in under 3 business days.

Does signing up on my LP’s website make me a "Registered" patient?

No, you need a doctor to help you register as a patient. The medical document issued can then be securely registered for you by Harvest Medicine with the Licensed Producer.

If I am already a registered patient, how do I update my personal information?

Please sign-in to our patient portal and update your information.

Is it possible to register with multiple Licensed Producers of medical cannabis?

You may select a maximum of two LPs to fill your medical document, and it must be divided between them.

If I am an existing MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) patient, can I use my previous MMAR license to register under the ACMPR?

No, a new document must be provided. Please contact Harvest Medicine for an appointment.

My physician does not like medical cannabis. Can my LP help me find a local physician or nurse practitioner who does?

Although many Licensed Producers will refer you, it is faster for you to book an appointment directly with Harvest Medicine.