What is the role of the doctors at Harvest Medicine?

  • The doctors assess each patient individually and in confidence.
  • They decide whether medical cannabis would be appropriate.
  • If so, they assign a starting dosage in the form of a medical document.
  • They also conduct the follow-up appointments to monitor patient results, and to address any questions about the treatment.

What are the doctors’ qualifications?

All Harvest Medicine doctors are fully qualified medical doctors licensed and governed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

What are Harvest Medicine Cannabis Educators’ qualifications?

Each Cannabis Educators has been fully trained by Harvest Medicine. Some have studied medical cannabis and/or Health Canada regulations academically. Most Cannabis Educatorses are patients just like you, so they can likely relate to what you are discussing with them.

What is the availability of the doctor after my first visit?

  • If you need a follow-up appointment prior to the standard follow-up scheduled at the first visit, please request one. We’re here to help.
  • If your follow-up pertains more to the medical cannabis itself, your LP might be the best to advise.

What is the availability of a Cannabis Educators after my first visit?

You can chat with a Cannabis Educators anytime during normal clinic hours. Although we’re happy to help, often your LP is the best resource for questions because they know their product so well.