Delta 9 Cannabis was founded by a father and son due, named Bill and John Arbuthnot respectively. In December 2013 they obtained their ACMPR production license, followed by a license to distribute medical cannabis in March 2014. This allowed Delta 9 to become only the fourth Licensed Producer in Canada at the time. In 2017, Delta 9 became a publicly traded company, now listed on the TSX (NINE).

Delta 9 established itself in a 80,000 square foot facility East of Winnipeg. Since inception, they have grown from 2 to around 50 full and part-time employees. Delta 9 focuses on small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis grown in a proprietary “Grow Pod” system, using their own standardized hydroponic procedures.

Delta 9 marked a significant milestone with their listing on the TSX in 2017.  They are currently looking to expand by increasing domestic production, and seeking international opportunities. Their goal is to scale up in order to take advantage of the current market, becoming a premier choice for patients who want high quality, consistent products. Expectation is for production to increase to 17,000 kg of cannabis per year by 2020. This will create about 300 new jobs for the citizens of Winnipeg.

They are also committed to studying cutting-edge cultivation techniques, partnering with global experts and professionals to ensure the highest quality cannabis products. In addition, they also offer a discount to every patient when they order 30 grams or more, which is equivalent to saving $1 per gram on every order (eg. 30g order saves you $30). They also have a Compassionate Pricing Program for low income individuals in need of financial assistance. People who qualify for this program will have access to one or more strains at a flat rate of $5.75/gram.

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Number of Products:

Product Types:

  • 12 Dry Flowers
  • Clones
  • Accessories


  • Shipping fee is $9.95 to anywhere in Manitoba
  • Shipping fee is $14.95 to everywhere else in Canada
  • Shipping takes 2-3 business days
  • Shipped via Canada Xpresspost

Potential Discounts:

  • Quantity Discount – Save $1 off every gram that is purchased when ordering a minimum amount of 30 grams.
    • E.g. If Ted has a medical document of 30g/month and orders 10g of Product A, 10g of Product B and 10g of Product C, this means Ted is able to save $30 for ordering a total of 30g.
  • Compassionate Pricing Program – Compassionate care and service for Canadians who have low-income and need financial assistance.
    • Patients who qualify for the program will have access to one or more eligible cannabis strains per month that will only cost a flat rate of $5.75/gram.
    • Patients that qualify for the program can purchase up to 60 grams per month of the eligible strain(s).
    • Delta 9 committed to always having at least one cannabis strain eligible for patients registered for the program.

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