At Harvest Medicine, we pride ourselves on high levels of patient care.

Accessing medical cannabis may seem like a confusing process – but we make it easy. When you book your initial consultation, here’s what to expect:

Check in at the front desk

At the front desk, one of our Medical Office Assistants will confirm all of your information, so that your cannabis can be delivered to you without issue. You’ll need your Alberta Health Care card, as well as photo ID. Before your appointment, you’ll have been sent an online questionnaire to answer. If you didn’t get a chance before your appointment, we’ll give you a chance to do it at the clinic before you see the doctor.

Take a look around

Instead of sitting in a boring waiting room, Harvest Medicine patients can wander around our 3500 square foot facility, looking at exhibits, learning more about cannabis, or checking out what different suppliers have to offer.


See the doctor

Once it’s your turn, one of our experienced physicians will meet with you to discuss what types of cannabis are best for your approved conditions, and answer any questions you may have.


Talk to a Cannabis Educators

After you see a doctor, you’ll be guided to sit down with a Cannabis Educators. The role of our Cannabis Educatorses is to recommend licensed producers (usually 2), strains, dosages, and intake methods. Our Cannabis Educatorses spend as much or as little time with patients as is needed, making sure it’s an enjoyable and educational process.


Place an order, and wait for your cannabis

It takes roughly 2-5 days for your registration to be completed (don’t worry, we’ll do all the paperwork). You’ll get a call or email giving you login instructions. From there, you can order your cannabis, legally, just like you would anything else online.


Receive your cannabis, and come in for a follow up

You need to see a doctor every 3 months, as your Medical Document expires in 120 days. Our doctor will answer any new questions you may have, and our Cannabis Educatorses are also available for education.