Good Morning Strain Review

Good Morning is an indica dominant cannabis strain that has a mid THC level. This strain is a testament to the fact that looking at a cultivar as only Indica or Sativa is not always a good indication of how the strain will treat its user. Although indica dominant, this strain is much more cerebral and offers a fairly strong head high. The origin of this flower’s lineage remains a secret, as the Hydropothecary does not make their proprietary genetics publically available.

Strain Name: Good Morning

Strain Details: Indica – THC: 12-19%, CBD: 0%,

Most prominent terpene: Unknown (Hydropothecary Proprietary)

Physical Description:

The Good Morning consists of tiny little buds coated in a sticky layer of trichomes, so much so that these little popcorn pieces appear fuzzy at first glance. The color is light, similar to that of a pear caught between a yellow and green color stage while ripening; however, any little leaves left on the buds have a distinctly darker color, closer to a rich emerald green.

What does it smells like:

The Good Morning is decidedly earthy but in a sweet sense, closer to the aroma from a nice wheat field in the fall versus a dank mossy forest floor- there is a slight cheese smell as well, but again sweet (similar to a UK cheese strain) and not particularly dank. In addition to this earthy smell, in almost equal ratio there is also a distinct floral/fruity scent somewhat similar to what I imagine a mix of melon and papayas would smell like.

What does it taste like:

As far as flavour is concerned, Good Morning is certainly much earthier and herbal than it is fruity and floral. The earthy tones come across more in a woody, slightly nutty/spicy way then the smell might indicate. There are still slight undertones of fruit similar to a mango or papaya flavour during inhalation, and still a bit during exhale as the earthy tones take precedence over the fruity/floral tones on my palate.

Use and Effects:  

This is a perfect pick-me-up strain, similar to a coffee but without the jitters. I felt talkative, motivated and uplifted for the first part of the high. This is certainly a strain to energize the mind and elevate mood. However, after the initial cerebral euphoria there is a distinct calm that allows the body and mind to relax after about the first hour, which can make it hard to be productive after extended use. However, it is great strain to get one going in the morning. I have consumed this strain in a few different ways- through a water pipe, joint and a desktop vaporizer unit; all of which worked equally well; however this strain offered less burnout when consumed through the vaporizer.

Reviewed July 2018


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