Green Relief has a simple mission, to help their patients improve their quality of life. Their vision is the research and development of medical cannabis using advanced, sustainable agriculture. They focus on the sustainability portion of their business model by growing cannabis with low impacts to the environment. In order to reduce harmful effects to the environment, Green Relief grows their cannabis using a method known as ‘Aquaponics’. This is both an innovative and sustainable way to grow cannabis, combining attributes from both hydroponics and aquaculture together, and using 90% less water than conventional farming. This results in a crop that’s both healthy and organic, in the most natural form possible.

Green Relief harvests their crops every two weeks, ensuring their products are always fresh and ready to go. They also have a quality assurance team who tests and reviews all products, including screens for mold, pesticides, bacteria, chemicals, microbes and other harmful materials. Green Relief invests into medical cannabis research and development to provide industry professionals with updated, relevant material. Check out their website to see what Green Relief has to offer!

Location: Hamilton, ON

Number of Products:

Product Types:

  • 8 Dry Flowers
  • 4 Oils
  • Vaporizer


  • Free UPS Shipping on all orders over $149
  • For orders under $149, shipping fees vary by product and/or destination

Potential Discounts:

  • Compassion Pricing Program – 20% discount for patients with an income under $29,000 (exceptions can be made if patients call in)
  • Veteran Coverage Program
  • Seniors Discount Program
  • Please note that these discounts are stackable for extra savings

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