Hanna Haze by Solace Health’s KNUBA brand is a variant of the popular cultivar Sour Diesel. According to Wikileaf, origins of the legendary Sour Diesel were lost in the underground cannabis market of the 1980’s and 90’s. It is rumored however that this cultivar was created from seeds bought at a 1991 Grateful Dead concert in Colorado before being distributed throughout the East Coast for further development. These seeds were also rumored to be combined with the seeds of a Chemdawg plant, and later on Super Skunk, resulting in the creation of Sour Diesel as well as OG Kush. Sour Diesel is popular for its pungent gasoline-like aroma and strong energizing effects.

Strain Name Hanna Haze (Sour Diesel)

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 16.06 – 21.72%, CBD: 0.01%

Terpenes:  Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene

Physical Description:

Hanna Haze produces moderately-sized, dense, leafy buds with hues of light green and yellow within its structure. Upon further examination, you will notice this cultivar is covered in a slight dusting of resin, giving the buds a sticky feel. Despite only being lightly covered in trichomes, as you break up the flower, you will notice a resinous blanket embedded within its packed, dense clusters. Distinctively, these sticky clusters are engulfed by long protruding orange-brown pistils that help create an appealing contrast between the light, springtime hues found on these buds. Hanna Haze also has a noticeable shimmer when light hits its surface due to its resin-coat. When this flower is ground, the crumble resembles a warm sand texture as the layer of resin embedded within these dense structures dusts off and glazes the lightly-colored grounds with a blanket of glitter that gleams with natural light.

What does it smell like:

It came as no surprise that Hanna Haze, a Sour Diesel variant, has such a vibrant and rich aromatic profile. What makes this Sour Diesel variant different from its other phenotypes is the dominant citrus and pine fragrances emitting from this flower. Hanna Haze releases a heavy aroma of citrus complemented by vibrant tones of fresh pine. Still true to the Sour Diesel genetics though, you will undoubtedly detect the legendary fuel-like musk released from the flower. Another prominent indicator of Hanna Haze’s Sour Diesel genetics is just how quickly its fragrance can overwhelm a room. As this herb is vaporized, the diesel odor becomes more dominant, and the odor could remain for a while after consumption.

What does it taste like:

Hanna Haze offers a slightly different array of tastes from that of your typical Sour Diesel strains. Upon inhale, you experience a smooth burst of sweet citrus flavors combined with fresh pine and pepper. On exhale, the sweet citrus is eclipsed by that legendary tart and fuel-like cocktail that lingers in your mouth. The varied sweet and sour combinations create an energizing and flavorful experience. Hanna Haze is sweet, sour, and smooth through inhale and through exhale.

*Use and Effects:

The reviewer found Hanna Haze to be energizing while also imparting pronounced effects on the body. Quickly in to the session, the reviewer noticed a distinct decrease in muscle tension accompanied by a soothing calm. This decrease in tension is followed by a rush of mental energy and feeling of increased motivation. The high can be described as euphoric and clear-headed –a useful property for strengthening and maintaining focus while potentially resolving low levels of motivation caused by fatigue and depression. Although stimulating, the reviewer did not find Hanna Haze’s effects to be overpowering, nor did it create jitters or increase anxiety levels. Rather, this strain could be useful in combating high levels of stress and relieving joint and muscular pain. The reviewer reports that a notable property of Hanna Haze was its ability to combat nausea and migraines effectively. After a few inhales, both nausea and migraines caused by old concussions dissipated quickly. Overall, Hanna Haze provided a long lasting and a balanced experience for the reviewer. Its characteristics were not particularly overpowering and were not found to taper off into a sedative-like crash once the intoxication wears off.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed January 2nd 2019.

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