According to Hydropothecary their proprietary strain, Honeydew, “is an Indica-dominant strain that offers up to a 2:18 ratio of THC:CBD. Doctors recommend this strain to help manage an array of symptoms without the intoxicating effects induced by many high-THC strains.”

Strain Name: Honeydew

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid  – THC: 0.51%, CBD: 14.3%

Terpenes (most to least prominent): Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Physical Description:

Honeydew displays hues of dark green, light-brown, and hints of purple throughout its short leafy structure. Imbedded within Honeydew’s dense-clusters are tiny red hairs that stand out from the strain’s overlays of green and brown. Upon closer inspection, you notice that this strain is covered in delicate trichomes that appear yellow in colour.

What does it smell like:

What immediately catches your attention as you open a container of Honeydew is the sweet berry fragrance. Pleasant to the nose, this tropical smelling strain gives off subtle tones of musk and earth that combine in one beautifully fragrant product. Honeydew, with its combination of aromas, is often described to have a chocolate-like scent.

What does it taste like:

With such a sweet olfactory profile it was surprising how earthy the taste of Honeydew actually was. A smooth inhale, you instantly notice a rich earthy taste with slight undertones of berry. Upon exhaling, you notice traces of pepper and wood. An enjoyable experience, this strain left no aftertaste, perfect if you’re looking for a CBD strain that won’t leave a lingering taste on the palate. This strain was consumed through vaporizer, joint, and a water pipe. All methods have similar taste profiles, with the exception of vaporization during which I found the berry tones to be most prominent.

Use and Effects:  

In comparison with other high-CBD strains, Honeydew matches up well with its strong pain-relieving effects and anxiolytic properties. Initially, Honeydew gives the user strong muscular relaxation, great for inflammation and muscular pain. This is followed by a soothing sense of peace, perfect for anxiety/stress relief. Upon further inhalation, this CBD strain becomes sedative, a nice solution for insomnia without the typical THC intoxicating effects. What was noteworthy about this strain was how useful it was in relieving migraines. Vaporization of this strain eliminated all of the symptoms for migraines within 3 minutes, quite consistently. Overall, there were no negative side effects, and the pain and anxiety relieving effects remain for approximately 1-2 hours. Honeydew stands strong as a contender for favourite CBD strains among patients.

Reviewed Oct. 17 2018

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