Dragon Fruit is a Hybrid cultivar distributed solely by Hydropothecary. As this cultivar is proprietary, there is little available information on its genetics, although Hydropothecary does disclose this is a 50:50 Hybrid with a low to medium levels of THC.

Strain Name Dragon Fruit by Hydropothecary

Strain Details: 50:50 Hybrid – THC: 9.15%, CBD: <0.07%

Terpenes: Undisclosed (Hydropothecary Proprietary)

Physical Description:

As a dry herb product, the most notable feature about Dragon Fruit is the unique physical characteristics that it displays. The leaf color is a dark grape-purple that almost appears black at first glance. With closer inspection, one can see splashes of green radiating from the base of the Dragon Fruit bud. This cultivar has brightly colored pistils that contrast sharply against the structure of this bud. The pistils display a lively apricot-orange and are spread in clusters throughout the structure of this herb. Dragon Fruit has tiny sugar-like trichomes that appear as dust that has been sprinkled lightly across its surface. Something of note –because of the color of this cultivar, the ground material will appear similar to that of already-vaped product. This can make it difficult to detect when the herb is all used up in your vaporizer.

What does it smell like?

Dragon Fruit has a lively aromatic fragrance that is soothing and sweet. Upon opening the container, you will experience a gentle, predominantly berry blend that is followed by earth-like undertones. Although the scent is vibrant in nature, the smell of Dragon Fruit is not overly pungent and will not easily overwhelm a room. As the product is vaporized it releases more dominant earth tones, but the fragrance dissipates quickly after medicating. With this in mind, Dragon Fruit is a good choice if you are looking for a cultivar that does not have an unmistakable cannabis odor.

What does it taste like?

In alliance with its olfactory profile, Dragon Fruit is gentle on the palate. Upon first inhale, you will notice a subtle earth and herbal combination that is followed by a dominant sweet berry taste. As you exhale, you get a sweet and more overt earth and wood-like taste. The overall flavor of this cultivar dissipates quickly but leaves a slight herbal musk aftertaste. Overall, consumption was pleasant as the taste profile is mostly sweet, especially at lower temperatures –no coughing or harshness was noted.

*Use and Effects:

Dragon Fruit has subtle stimulating effects that have a quick onset. Shortly after consumption, a gentle relaxation is present without an overwhelming feeling of sedation. The reviewer found this quality useful in reducing anxiety at social gatherings and easing minor stressed caused by a typical day. At low-to-moderate dosages, this herb is rather cerebral and functional. The reviewer found concentration was not hindered even with the added feelings of relaxation brought on by this cultivar. On the contrary, its calming qualities made Dragon Fruit useful in completing tasks/projects –the reviewer found an increase in focus due its anxiolytic properties. Overall, Dragon Fruit may be helpful in reducing IBS-related symptoms such as nausea and stomach pain.  At higher dosages this cultivar could possibly be used as a gentle sleep aid or appetite stimulant.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed February 27th 2019.

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