Hydropothecary is a medicinal cannabis company located in Gatineau, Quebec. Hydropothecary grows their products in a pesticide-free, glass roof greenhouse facility. This method of production allows the plants to receive natural sunlight, augmented with high pressure sodium lighting for increased efficiency. Following harvest, an extensive analysis is conducted to check for a wide-range of chemical compounds including toxins, contaminants, and mold.

Hydropothecary believes in delivering the best customer service experience possible, along with top shelf quality products.

  • They have a bilingual customer service team (English and French)
  • The customer service team is accessible and available 24/7
  • Evening and Saturday delivery options available
  • Free shipping service through Purolator

Hydropothecary offers competitive pricing and innovative consumption methods. They have created a product called The Elixir, a peppermint flavored spray for discrete consumption. Hydropothecary also carries a Decarb product line, which is activated, pre-ground cannabis ready for consumption (microdosing options are also available). A capsule assembly machine, with empty capsules, is included with the first purchase of any Decarb product, allowing patients to make their own cannabis capsules from home. Patients are also able to order the “Time of Day” cultivars in 1 gram increments, a feature not offered by any other licensed producer. All other dried herb products require a minimum order of 5 grams.

Location: Gatineau, Quebec

Number of Products:

Product Types:

  • Time of Day Signature Line: 4 Dry Flower Products
  • H2 Classical Medicinal Cannabis Line: 11 Dry Flower Products
  • Decarb Ready-To-Consume Activated Cannabis: 6 Decarb Products
  • Elixir Cannabis Oil Sublingual Mist: 2 Oil Spray Products
  • Fleur de Lune Intimate Cannabis Oil: 1 Oil Spray Product


  • Free shipping across Canada through Purolator.

Potential Discounts:

  • Veteran Affairs Program – All dry herbs will be set at $8.50
  • Hydropothecary Branded Giveaways (e.g. toques, rolling trays, etc)
  • Free shipping that is extended across Canada

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