Midday is a balanced (THC and CBD) Sativa dominant hybrid that was created by Hydropothecary. Midday was designed to allow one to medicate during the day without heavy psychoactive effects, and is the only Sativa dominant strain in the Time of Day signature line-up. As with many of this LP’s proprietary strains, the genetic origins of Midday are unknown.

Strain Name Midday

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 6.46%, CBD: 9.06%

Most prominent terpene: Unknown (Hydropothecary Proprietary)

Physical Description:

The Midday has surprisingly dense and well cured buds. The pieces tend to be smaller and round in shape (what we refer to as little popcorn buds). This well formed bud also has handsome colouring, a yellow-green mixed with the colour of honeydew melon. To top it off, the flowers are coated in oodles of dark orange hairs, complemented with tiny frosted trichomes.

What does it smells like:

The Midday, like many of the strains from the Time of Day line-up, has a very fruity and floral smell profile. The fruity tones are reminiscent of melon, while the floral tones are reminiscent of a nice bouquet of lilacs and lavender. After that initial whiff of fruit and flowers, there is a distinct pine and herbal smell, almost as if one was picking herbs like sage or thyme in the forest. All in all an authentically natural smelling strain.

What does it taste like:

Unlike it’s incredible natural smell, the Midday does not offer as much in terms of fruit and floral flavor. In fact these fruity tastes are very subtle in comparison to the earthier flavors. There was also a faint but noteable pine taste; however, the herbal (almost sage or thyme like) flavor coupled with a bit of peppery spice composes the overall taste profile of this individual strain.

Use and Effects:  

The Midday was designed to use and medicate with during the day without incapacitating the user, and this it does very well. There was not much in the way of psychoactive effects during our test sessions. The effects were slightly cerebral, but not intense; instead more of an uplifting, mood elevating, motivating kind of strain. We certainly felt happier, motivated and focused; a fantastic strain for during the day with zero burnout. We have consumed this strain in a few different ways, through a water pipe, joint and a home vaporizer unit, all of which worked well, delivering the beneficial medicinal effects we’ve come to enjoy from this strain.

Reviewed Aug 2018


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