Ordering & Receiving Your Medical Cannabis

If I am not home, can someone else sign for my package?

Yes, if they are 18 or older.

How often can I order medical cannabis from my LP?

You may order as often as you wish, but you cannot exceed your monthly allotment in any 30 day period.

What method of shipping does my LP use?

Every LP is different. Please check their website, or call them.

How does my LP pack and ship their products?

Every Canadian LP carefully packs and ships all products within Health Canada’s strict regulations.

Can I split my Medical Document to purchase multiple strains at one time?

Yes, definitely. In fact, strain exploration is encouraged to help you find your perfect medication. Remember that you will only be allowed to order up to the maximum 30 day supply between all products.

How does my LP ensure each product is high quality?

  • Each batch must be lab tested for the quality standards set out by Health Canada. This includes:
      • Percentage of active ingredients in the medication
      • Absence of non-permissible pesticide and herbicide residue
      • Cleanliness