Our Patient Process

1) Take the HMED Self Assessment

  • Begin your process first finding out if medical cannabis is right for your treatment plan.
  • Take the self assessment online or visit our clinic to take the quiz on one of our education center computers.

2) Book An Appointment

  • Book an appointment online if your results conclude you are a candidate or if you would like to discuss more with a HMED physician.
  • Have your Alberta Health Card ready.
  • Initial appointments are usually under 15 minutes.
  • Remember to bring to your appointment a list of medications you are currently taking and any medical documents that support your condition.

3) Licensed Producer Education & Selection

Our Licensed Producer Education station has information about all our Licensed Producers and tips on how to make your selection.

In this education area you can also take our Licensed Producer Selection Quiz that can help define which Licensed Producer is best for you based on your condition, lifestyle, financial situation etc.

Our Canna-Geniuses will also be available to provide more education and assistance with selecting the proper Licensed Producer and to answer any questions.

4) Licensed Producer Registration & Ordering

  • After you’ve selected a Licensed Producer, a HMED Canna Genius will help register and send your Medical Document to the Licensed Producer.
  • Once you are registered you will be able to order you medical cannabis.
  • Orders are made online or via phone and delivered to you by mail or courier.

5) Continued Support & Education

  • We provide our patients support in many ways. Our facility offers informational classes for the community, as well as fun, meaningful workshops