Price Watch 💳 Top 20 Patient Ready (price per gram)

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for a good deal, shake/milled products offer the lowest price per gram across the industry. Tonight we countdown the top patient ready cannabis products across Canada.

Milled products are generally higher quality than shake. Shake is a collection of trim and leaves that have fallen off the plant, while milled cannabis consists of pre-ground whole flower.
Current as of April 11, 2019.

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1. MedReleaf Solveris*
2. Canna Farms Shake
3. Aphria Grower’s Blend
4. Broken Coast Indica/Sativa Tips
5. MedReleaf Indica/Sativa Cullina Blend*
6. Delta 9 House Blend
T7 WeedMD Mango Haze
T7 CannTrust Supreme Formula
T9 CanniMed 1:13
T9 Organigram Low Tide Indica/High Tide Sativa

T11 CanniMed 9:9/4:10
T11 CanniMed 12:0
13. Hydropothecary Indica Milled
T14 CanniMed 15:5
T14 Spectrum Lab Fusion
T14 CanniMed 17:1
17. CanniMed 22:1
T18 Canna Farms BAL Beacon Blend
T18 Canna Farms THC Beacon Blend
20. MedReleaf Sedamen Crumble*

*Please note that LPs may not absorb provincial excise tax on medical cannabis.
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