Today Price Watch looks at the most affordable patient ready THC products, current as of Nov 15, 2018.

Top 5 Shakes

  1. Canna Farms Shake
  2. MedReleaf Solveris
  3. Delta 9 D9 House Blend
  4. Broken Coast Indica Tips
  5. Broken Coast Sativa Tips

Top 5 Milled

  1. Organigram High Tide Sativa
  2. Organigram Low Tide Indica
  3. Hydropothecary Sativa Milled
  4. CanniMed 12:0
  5. Hydropothecary Indica Milled

Current as of Nov 15 2018. These rankings were compiled from a list of Canadian producers that meet Harvest Medicine’s standards for quality and patient care.

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