Sour 92, cultivated by Solace Health, is a variant of the popular cultivar Sour Diesel. According to Leafly, Sour Diesel rose to prevalence in the early 90’s and is believed to have descended from a cross between Chemdawg ‘91 and Super Skunk genetics. Sour Diesel is a famous sativa cultivar named after its invigorating diesel-like aroma.

Strain Name Sour 92 (Sour Diesel)

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 16.00%, CBD: 0.05%

Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Physical Description:

Sour 92 is a dense bud with clusters of light and dark green spread throughout its composition. Like most Sour Diesel phenotypes, this cultivar is leafy and has long protruding orange-brown hairs embedded within its structure. Sour 92 lacks the dense trichrome coating typical of most Diesel phenotypes –its trichrome spread is light, but even.

What does it smell like?

Surprisingly, the olfactory profile of this cultivar is rather mild. When you open the container, a subtle aroma of citrus fruit emerges and dissipates quickly. Following the citrus tones, this cultivar emits an earthy scent which contrasts pleasantly with gentle notes of lavender. A noteworthy observation for this phenotype is that Sour 92 lacks the pungent diesel like aroma that Sour Diesel cultivars are otherwise famous for.

What does it taste like?

Despite its mild olfactory profile, Sour 92 does have a pronounced flavor that incorporates both the sour and diesel-like profile that gave this cultivar its notoriety. Upon inhale, one will notice a pungent sour flavor, complemented by rich tones of lemon and citrus. On exhale, Sour 92 releases a pungent diesel taste on your palate that is followed by tones of wood and pepper.

*Use and Effects:

Our reviewer found Sour 92 lends a surprising burst of energy and euphoria soon after inhalation. This cultivar could be useful in alleviating feelings of social discomfort and stress. Following its initial stimulating properties. A prolonged duration for a mid-level THC cultivar, Sour 92 left our reviewer with urges of laughter and creative cerebral effects. Unlike typical Sativa-dominant cultivars, the reviewer found that Sour 92 did not generate or increase underlying anxiety. Instead, the initial effects tapered off into a mellow sensation.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed February 13th 2019.

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