It is difficult to find information on the heritage of SN:Med (Spoetnik), likely due to a high level of breeder secrecy in the industry. Some online sources explain that the genetics are most likely Afghani crossed with some Dutch genes. As many could guess, the common name of this strain comes from the CCCP satellite launched in 1957.

Strain Name SN:Med (Spoetnik)

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid – THC: 13.6%, CBD: 0.07%

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, & Terpineol

Physical Description:

The SN:Med is a unique looking flower, like something out of an outer-space movie (perhaps how this strain got its common name). The buds have sharp looking edges to them, with rich deep viridian green tips and the most subtle of indigo hues laced through. Following along from the bud tip to base, the color changes drastically transforming to a pastel pistachio green near the stem. Amongst all these beautiful colors are long, lanky peach pistils wrapping themselves around the buds, accompanied by a nice thick layer of trichomes.

What does it smells like:

The SN:Med has a wonderfully zesty citrus perfume, complimented nicely by a sweet aroma reminiscent of Rockets candies. Balancing out the nice citrus and sweet scents are earth and floral undertones. When the bud is broken apart there is a much more distinct earthy kush smell to the herb, contrasting nicely with the lovely sweet citrus scent.

What does it taste like:

The SN:Med is much earthier in taste than it is in smell. Upon first inhalation the user will experience more of an earthy, woody, kush flavour- but still with some distinct citrus undertones, possibly even hints of pine. Flavour remains fairly consistent upon exhaling but with a bit more a spicy zip to it.

Use and Effects:  

The effects of the SN:Med certainly creep up on the user. Upon initial inhale there aren’t any crazy cerebral or body effects, however within 5 minutes the user feels relaxed and calmed. The body wraps up in a warm feeling, as the mind reclines into tranquil blissfulness. With very pleasurable, yet still subtle effects the SN:Med could certainly compete against some of the more potent strains on the market. Seasoned users likely wouldn’t find this strain phenomenal for bedtime, and may be better served using this strain as a de-stresser. For less seasoned users this strain could be the perfect route to a deep sedating sleep. We consumed this strain in a few different ways, through a water-pipe, joint and a portable-vaporizer unit, all of which worked well. However, this strain did deliver the best medicinal effects through the vaporizer.

Reviewed August 9th 2018

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