SI:Med a.k.a Sensi Star is a world renown, legendary indica strain with incredibly powerful full-body effects that many medical patients seek. Different variations of this phenotype have placed in the 1999, 2000, and 2005 High Times Cannabis Cups. The version created by ABcann is truly the cannasseur version of all the Seni Stars phenotypes! The original creators of the Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) have not released the lineage of the strains genetics. However, it has been rumored that there is some Afghani and also some Sativa (approximately 30% sativa) in the genetic makeup.

Strain Name SI:Med (Sensi Star)

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid – THC: 17.5–19.1%, CBD: <0.07%,

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, & Terpineol

Physical Description:

The Sensi Star is a brilliant flower, the amount of trichomes is absolutely staggering on this herb! The coloration of the buds is a beautifully composed mix of spring and olive green, lighter than some other phenotypes out there. The serene greens are overcast with a wonderful pastel golden hue brought on by all the milky trichomes. Wrapping itself around this brilliant flower are burnt orange hairs, contrasting the buds color in a cordial way.

What does it smells like:

The aroma of SI:Med is one of the areas where the phenotype of Sensi Star absolutely shines! Upon smelling the perfume of this utterly incredible flower the individual is greeted to a phenomenal blast of pungent sweet and sour lime fragrance, bringing to mind lime wine gum candies! There are undertones of other citrus smells similar to lemons, mixed with a hint of pine reminiscent of a coniferous forest; however, the sweet and sour lime fragrance dominates this flower.

What does it taste like:

Sensi Star, similar to the beautiful smell profile of this strain, also has one beautiful flavour profile to match. The taste is exactly what one would hope for after smelling this strain with that awesome sweet and sour lime flavour smacking the tongue like a bite of decadent key lime pie. One can still pick out some natural undertones of the more common flavours to cannabis that are harder to detect in the smell, similar to an earthy sweetgrass with a bit of spice, which rounds out the taste in a perfect way.

Use and Effects:  

SI:Med delivers strong calming effects for the body and undeniable euphoric effects for the mind. This flowers potent developments wrap the consumer in a warm zenful blanket of tranquility allowing for pain, stress and anxiety to slip away. As a result of this being such an incredible indica with such high potency, this strain it is not recommended for when productivity is of the essence; as, after time it will leave the enjoyer craving the warm side of a blanket and the cool side of a pillow. The potency of this herb also makes it a good recommendation for those seasoned patients with a high tolerance seeking true medication; however, it can also be incredible for less seasoned individuals as this strain offers little in terms of edginess or anxiety. We have consumed this strain through a number of methods including water-pipe, joint and portable-vaporizer unit; all of which worked well. However, to truly appreciate the delicious flavours this strain has to offer it should be consumed through a vaporizer.

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