WP:Med a.k.a Wappa is one tasty and decadent strain! This strain was originally created by the breeders from Paradise Seeds. Although the specific genetics remain unknown, Wappa is rumored to have relations to Sweet Skunk. The Wappa is considered to be a hybrid strain with a 60% Indica, 40% Sativa split.

Strain Name WP:Med (Wappa)

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid – THC: 18.5%, CBD: <0.07%,

Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Linalool, Limonene

Physical Description:

WP:Med is a handsome strain with fairly dense and sizable buds. The coloration is unique as well, with a rich fern green on the topside of the leaves, while the underside of the flower is a pleasant apple moss green. The buds are absolutely loaded with pastel yellow trichomes that add a nice hue to the flower, complimented very nicely with some of the other darker colors. To top it all off, the Wappa has loads of golden lion colored hairs fiercely entangled around the bud.


What does it smells like:

A subtle smelling herb when compared to some of the more “dank” strains on the market. The flower starts off with pleasurable citrus notes, similar to a lemon lime mix, reminiscent of a tropical island where citrus fruits are plentiful. Underneath these beautifully subtle scents of tropical citrus are hints of sandalwood, spice and pepper.


What does it taste like:

The flavour of this herb is certainly on the bolder side when compared to its aroma profile. There are exquisit notes of very sweet fruit, lemon and lime. The spicer notes of sandalwood and pepper are much more pronounced in the flavor, compared to the aroma of the bud. The sweet tropical fruit flavours, mixed with the spicy sandalwood and pepper make for one tasty strain!


Use and Effects:  

WP:Med delivers an edgier experience than one might expect from an Indica dominant hybrid. The cerebral effects come on strong delivering positive, introspective and thought provoking effects. For some this could be the perfect for inspiring creativity, although for others it could leave them feeling slightly anxious. Next WP:Med will deliver some body effects, and after an hour or so leaves the consumer a little lazier than before, although these effects are minor when compared to the positive and creative mood this strain delivers. Another noteworthy element of this strain is its ability to make all food utterly and perfectly delicious! Consuming this strain through a through a water-pipe, joint or a portable-vaporizer unit all worked well. Vaporization stood out in particular, producing nice thick clouds upon exhale.


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