This strain is truly one of the most beautiful strains we’ve ever seen. It’s a deep dark imperial purple (parts of it appear almost black in the right light) with tiny orange hairs, which produce a slight orange haze around the buds! Bred from an Afghanistan indica and a classic sativa, this strain took Hydropothecary approximately 3 years to perfect.

Strain Name: After Dinner (Hydropothecary)

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid- THC: 8.9%, CBD: 0.1%, Terpenes: n/a

deep dark imperial purple, parts of it appear almost black in the right light

What it smells like:

The aromas from the After Dinner are truly phenomenal! Initially there was a slight very pleasant licorice smell followed closely by a beautiful spice (wowdoes it have spice!) and woody aroma which was succeeded by a subtle floral perfume- a truly wonderful smelling strain!

What does it taste like:

The taste profile of this marvelous strain is very pleasant! Its starts off with prominent spice that is very cordial to the palate, followed by woody/earthy tones and subtle floral notes that complement each other beautifully. Unfortunately I was not able to distinguish any licorice flavours, as the initial smell of this strain suggested I might.

Use and Effects:

The initial effects are certainly that of an indica dominant hybrid! Upon first inhale there was immediate relaxation experienced, I felt this strain course through my body thoroughly relaxing me as it went. However, with all that relaxation experienced I did not feel couchlocked like some of the other indicas or indica dominant hybrids I have consumed in the past rather a nice state of calm. After the initial calming and relaxing effects it leaves one with a modest head high (similar to a light sativa) that contribute to a social and an uplifted feeling, truly the perfect strain to complement the start of any evening. I have consumed this strain in a few different ways – through a water pipe, joint and a home vapourizer unit; all of which worked well and all gave that wonderful relaxed state.


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