Get your hands on this amazing strain before it’s gone! As of September 2018, Bedrocan has yet to renew their contract with Spectrum, meaning when this strain is gone, it’s gone for good! Spectrum’s website reads “products will no longer be produced for sale in Canada and will be phased out as inventory is depleted.”

Strain Name : Bedrocan (aka Jack Herer via Spectrum Cannabis)

Strain Details : Sativa dominant hybrid – THC: 22%, CBD: <1%

Terpenes:(most prominent to least) Terpineol, Myrcene, Pinene, & D-Limonene

Bedrocan commonly known as Jack Herer was originally created by Sensi Seeds by combining an unknown Haze Hybrid with the Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. 

Physical Description:

The Bedrocan is genuinely a beautiful looking flower! The buds are very dense, sticky and painted with dazzling trichomes presenting a slight but striking shimmer to the flower. The color of this exquisite strain is a handsome emerald green teeming with short tiny orange hairs that flow out from in between the beautiful green of this sublime flower.

a fresh splash of aromatic lime followed by a pungent fragrance of pine

What does it smell like:

The Bedrocan is one of the freshest smelling strains I have ever come across! As soon as I cracked open the container a fresh splash of aromatic lime followed by a pungent fragrance of pine greeted my scent receptors in the most pleasant and satisfying way. When I began to grind up this incredible smelling bud the sweet bouquet of lime and pine aromas were intensified but also offered a very subtle burst of woody spiciness reminiscent of an old cabin in the forest.

What does it taste like:

The delightful fragrances of this incredible bud transfers quite beautifully into a fantastic taste profile! The most prominent taste on my palate when consuming this strain is lime! I found the lime taste to be quite strong, however; there was a distinct taste of pine with this strain as well. The lime and pine flavours of this strain can overwhelm the slight woody notes that can be experienced during the exhale of this strain, but if you really look for it you can experience that pleasant woody spice flavour near the end of the exhale, rounding out the taste profile in an elegant way!

Use and Effects:

The Bedrocan (which mentioned previously is commonly known as the Jack Herer) was created with anxiety patients in mind, meaning this strain is meant to capture the wonderful uplifting cerebral effects sativas are well known for, without any of the paranoia sometimes associated with higher THC sativas! With that said this is truly the greatest sativa I have ever had the pleasure of consuming, with its cleared headed buzz and incredible uplifting effects, sometimes ending in fits of laughter for myself. I have consumed this strain in a few different ways – through a water pipe, joint and a home vaporizer unit; all of which worked well and all gave that wonderful uplifted state; however, this strain does vape extremely well!

Reviewed Sept. 12 2018

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