Price Watch 📦 Supply Watch

LPs ranked by available medical cannabis products. LPs that keep products in stock not only offer selection and variety, but also the confidence that medication will be available for those who need it most. Please note that new growers such as Boaz are not expected to have the same supply as the more well established producers. Current as of July 12, 2019.
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1. Canna Farms
2. MedReleaf
3. Spectrum
4. Hexo
T5 Aurora
T5 Emblem
7. Organigram
T8 CanniMed
T8 Solace Health
10. Emerald Health
T11 Aphria
T11 Broken Coast

T11 Green Relief
T11 Tilray
15. WeedMD
T16 Acreage Pharms
T16 Peace Naturals
T18 PureSinse
T20 Delta 9
T20 Zenabis
T22 CannTrust
T22 Tantalus
24. Boaz

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