Taiga is a Sativa dominant hybrid with mid to high levels of THC. This strain was created by cultivator Dutch Passions when they crossed a Sativa land-race hybrid known as “Power Plant” with an Indica hybrid whose genetics are rumored to come from Canada and Russia. Taiga is an auto-flowering cannabis cultivar with a short life-cycle, making it a good choice of new growers.

Strain Name Taiga by Hydropothecary

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 13-14%, CBD: 0-1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Pinene, Humulene, Myrcene

Physical Description:

This strain can be categorized by its short stub-like leaves assembled in a compact structure. It is dense to the touch and has small-to-medium sized buds that resemble popped kernels. This bud displays a predominant forest green color but has hints of yellow as well as light green radiating from its base, usually near the stem. The thick resin coating present on this bud is evenly distributed and causes a slight brown-gold tint to this herb when the trichomes reflect light off the surface. A notable feature about Taiga is the bronze colored pistils that embed themselves within the leaves of the bud. The pistils are long but coiled into the dense structure of this cultivar, and become more notable when breaking the herb down.

What does it smell like?

This Sativa dominant hybrid offers a unique blend of lively and potent aromas. When opening a container, the initial aroma detected is a rich and vibrant combination of citrus and a nut-like spice that gradually gives way to a strong presence of pine. Taiga offers some gentle undertones that resemble the smell of roses, however, this becomes less prominent as the dry herb product becomes stale/used. Overall, the aromatic profile of this cultivar is pleasant and only contains a hint of your typical cannabis-like odor. Highly recommended for those who like a vibrant pine-like presence and also want a strain whose pungency won’t linger after opening and closing the container.

What does it taste like?

Through vaporization, this dry herb product is distinct and pleasant throughout its consumption. As you inhale, you experience a slight spice with a more predominant sweet and floral tone. This initial aromatic blend is accompanied by hints of pine. Upon exhale, the blend of flavors are engulfed in a rich, nut-like taste that lingers on the palate after use. It should be noted that at higher temperatures (through vaporization or other consumption methods) dominant hints of pine and nut are present. This combination is then followed by a mixture of sweet and spice that resembles hints of rose and pepper. Overall, Taiga has an interesting and pleasing taste profile void of your typical cannabis taste.

*Use and Effects:

Taiga has a perfect blend of qualities that make it a good hybrid. Despite the lower percentage, Taiga characteristics have the potential for long-lasting pain reduction and stress relief. The onset for Taiga is a bit longer than other cultivars, with most of its effects manifesting around eight minutes into the session. The experience begins with a subtle cerebral energy that is great for starting up work or combating depression-induced fatigue. About ten minutes in, this cerebral energy is accompanied by strong waves of relaxation that are experienced primarily physically. The reviewer found this enhanced somatic relaxation provided excellent relief for sore joints and muscles. This quality also has the potential to serve well in reducing migraine symptoms like nausea or light sensitivity. This combination of both a cerebral and body-centered experience was found to be a potent stress reducer.

The reviewer found these properties to last up to ninety minutes. As the medication begins to wear off, slight sedation is apparent. This can make Taiga a reliable go-to for unwinding after work and/or inducing sleep. Surprisingly, the reviewer found no anxiety symptoms were present at high dosages *may vary by user*. This strain is cerebral and euphoric in nature all throughout its use. Overall, Taiga is a relaxing cultivar that could be good for migraines/headaches and combating stress.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed January 9th 2019.

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