This week Price Watch ranks the most affordable THC capsules, ranked by price per mg. LPs that list THC ranges are ranked using average value. Tied products are ranked by best shipping policy. Please note that decarb options are delivered as a loose, pre-milled product, capsules must be assembled manually.

Top 10 THC Capsules

  1. Emblem – Maker’s Mix Hybrid
  2. Emblem – Maker’s Mix Sativa
  3. Emblem – Maker’s Mix Indica
  4. Aurora – DMD THC Sativa
  5. Hydropothecary – Decarb Mid THC
  6. Hydropothecary – Decarb High THC
  7. MedReleaf – Luminarium, Sedamen, Alaska
  8. CannTrust – THC Capsules
  9. Spectrum – Red 10 Indica/Sativa
  10. Spectrum – Red 2.5 Indica/Sativa (micro dose)

Current as of Sep 27 2018

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