Arizer Solo 2

The Airizer Solo 2 has an all-glass vapor pathway that retains an amazing level of vapor quality. It has precise temperature control that ranges from 50-220 degrees Celsius so that it preserves flavor and quality of the vapor. The length of the aroma tubes do a great job at cooling the vapor before it reaches your lips, providing a satisfying draw every time. Depending on your heat settings, you can get just under about 3 hours of battery life, considerably higher than previous Airizer products. Having a digital display and precise temperature setting makes for finding the right temperature setting much easier for the user, leaving no need to having to memorize what light represents what temperature. The integration of the digital display for temperature control means more users will be able to tailor their sessions for their preferred vapor quality.



Crafty is one of the first small handheld vaporizing device that was created by Storz and Bickel, which uses the convection heating method similar to the Volcano. This device is three years old, but it is still ranked one of the best vaporizer on the market due to its simplistic design for on-the-go conveniency.

This high-quality vaporizer is built with a heat resistant plastic shell, while the internal chamber is stainless steel which holds the botanical. The default temperature is set at 190°C and the device has a booster setting which can increase the temperature by 5°C to release any left over terpenes, THC and CBD elements for maximum benefits. The temperature can be customized between the range of 40°C to 210°C to fit your personal preference by using the Crafty App, which can be found in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Crafty is known to produce dense, thick vapor like the Volcano, and for this particular reason, it is recommended for advanced users looking for that perfect vape experience. In comparison to other devices with similar price value, the Crafty would be the popular choice as convection heating methods produce better vapor-taste quality when compared to devices that uses conduction heating methods.


DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is in its 3rd generation with it being the newest and most portable vaporizer manufactured by DaVinci. The IQ introduces a completely new design featuring a replaceable 18650 battery, smart path technology, as well as, a zirconia ceramic bowl, vapor path, and mouthpieces.The IQ is very portable with a convenient unit weight of only 145 grams with a build quality that will blow users away.

The IQ offers a temperature range from 250f-430f and will reach your desired temp is around 45 seconds. The vaporizer comes with three main heating options . First, you can choose from one of the four fully customizable smart paths or you can use precision mode to pick an exact temperature. While you are in either of the heat setting, you can also turn on Boost mode to ramp the oven temperature for denser vapor.

The IQ is fairly quick and easy to clean, you will want to empty out the bowl after each use, and brush or blow out the chamber; this will help keep cleaning to a minimum. Overall I am very happy with the DaVinci IQ’s quality, features, size and design; in addition it also comes with a 10 Year warranty from a great company with a great track record!