Arizer Solo 1

The Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer known for its 7 different temperature settings and glass-on-glass delivery system. This vaporizer produces excellent vapor quality and consistency that is nicely dense and visible even at the lowest temperature setting. Even at the highest temperature setting the vapor that is produced is incredibly smooth, and you will find that the flavor of the vapor is not harsh and tastes amazing. The aluminum casing around this vaporizer gives it not only a sleek look, but allows for the device to be extremely durable. The heating element is made of ceramic, which complements the stainless steel heating chamber, this allows for one of the most consistent heating methods compared to other vaporizers. The Arizer Solo also boasts a compound material that covers the heating chamber and insulates the heat perfectly, allowing for constant heat output without using too much battery life.



Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q desktop vaporizer is made by the Canadian company Arizer which is the same company that makes the Air, and the Solo portable units. Arizer is known for releasing high quality, reliable products at very competitive price points.

The Extreme Q is a multi purpose vaporizer. It has the option to fill bags similar to the volcano but also has the option to use a whip with glass mouthpiece attachment. The whip can be used in a couple different fashions. You can use it by “direct draw” which won’t be assisted at all (no fan). You can also use the whip with forced air. Basically the same way you would fill the balloon, but instead you are using the whip. You can also pick up a water pipe attachment for max diffusion and for the coolest vapor possible.

The Extreme Q comes with a digital temperature adjustment display as well as a remote to pick and set for your desired temperature. Heat up time is very fast and the design element allows it to be fairly inconspicuous. Overall the extreme Q is a great desktop unit with tons of functionality and customization for everyone’s vaping preference. The price point and the amazing vapor quality definitely makes it one of the best desktop units on the market.