Cannabis Potential for Opioid Replacement

Five studies show cannabis’ potential as viable replacement for opioids.

Cannabis Legalization Associated with Reduced Opioid Use

  • Published Oct 25, 2018, via
  • Research via University of California at San Diego

Opioid Prescriptions Lower in States Where Cannabis is Legal

  • Published Oct 18, 2018, via
  • Research via University of Alabama

Fatal Opioid Overdoses Lower in Counties with Medical Cannabis

  • Published Oct 20, 2018, via Munich Personal RePEc Archive
  • Research via University of Georgia

Growing Number of Arthritis Patients Opt for Cannabis Over Opioids

  • Published Oct 16, 2018, in the journal Orthopedic Proceedings
  • Research via Stanford California

Use of Cannabis has Increased While Misuse of Opioids has Dropped

  • Published Sep 2018 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Research via National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Duration: 0:29


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