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Cannabis Education

Continue your education by learning more about the history of medical cannabis, cannabinoids, terpenes, titration tables and more.
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Clinical Summary Harvest Medicine 2021 for patients
Harvest Medicine's clinical summary by condition for patients, brings you the best of available and relevant research in the industry.
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Treatable condition wall decals at Harvest Medicine

What Can We Help With?

Learn more about medical cannabis and arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, insomnia, & post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries from our friends, families, patients, physicians, and the general public.
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Insurance Coverage

Canadian private insurance coverage for medical cannabis patients. See if you are eligible and what requirements need to be met.
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Shipping Information

A detailed list of licensed producer shipping costs for medical cannabis products in Canada.
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Compassionate Pricing Programs

A generous compilation of reduced rates for low-income households, veterans, seniors, & other special discount programs; including details for eligibility & document requirements.
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Price Watch

Featuring products from Canadian licensed producers that are available to medical cannabis patients including oils, dry flowers, topicals and a special monthly "new-to-market" publication.
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Alberta patient health & wellness connections icon

Albertan Patients Health & Wellness Connections

Helping Albertans find local support for health & wellness services that align with cannabinoid-based therapies and healthcare professionals.
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Patient Documents

Journal Tracker & login page to access Care Plans.
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Do you want to get creative with your medical cannabis? Check out our recipes to get inspired in the kitchen!
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Strain Reviews

Harvest Medicine's reviews of dry flower products. Learn more about strains, aroma, taste, and reported effects.
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Licensed Producer Registration Walk-through Videos

Step-by-step video tutorials about how to register with licensed producers.
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Video Resources

Short video compilations on research highlights and frequently asked questions.
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