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Be sure your patients receive the highest standard of care and education.

Harvest Medicine utilizes an evidence-based approach when it comes to medical cannabis, accepting referrals for both patient authorization and education-only from healthcare professionals across Canada. With over 150,000 Harvest Medicine patient visits, more than 80% of our patients have reported improved quality of life since initiating medical cannabis therapy. Harvest Medicine relies heavily on research and continuing education for all team members in order to offer patients the best quality of care.
Our experienced healthcare team includes licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical assistants & patient educators who share the goal of providing medical cannabis education, treatment plans and 1:1 support for our patients. Harvest Medicine is trusted by hundreds referring physicians including general practitioners, psychiatrists, pain management anesthesiologists, oncologists, cardiologists and internists to provide excellent continuity of care for their patients. To date, our healthcare professionals have helped over 10,000 referred patients with cannabinoid-based therapies.

How do I refer a patient to Harvest Medicine?

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Assessment & Care

Refer your patients to our expert team of clinicians who will conduct a personal assessment, manage the authorization, and report back to your office. You will receive confirmation of your referral & a detailed patient consult letter that outlines your patient’s treatment plan. This continuity of care sets Harvest Medicine apart from any other cannabis clinic. Use the buttons below to access, save & print our referral form or access it from one of the following EMR systems: Accuro, Med Access, HealthQuest; Practice Solutions, Oscar, Ocean Network, Valente, or Wolf.
Harvest Medicine medical cannabis referrals for education-only patient support.


Do you currently authorize medicinal cannabis for your patients and find providing the patient education & product recommendations overly time consuming?
Harvest Medicine has created a unique education-only support service for you and your medicinal cannabis patients, through which they will have access to a comprehensive curriculum designed to help them find the correct product(s) to meet their requirements. They will have full support with the selection & registration of LPs so they may navigate the medical cannabis marketplace with confidence. Your patients will have access to an online library of medical cannabis education resources and current cannabis research. Harvest Medicine patient educators provide 1:1 sessions and remain available to patients for any follow-up questions before their next appointment.

Join Our

Harvest Medicine is proud to share medical cannabis knowledge and insights. We offer teleconferencing or webinar meeting options nationwide to help meet the growing demand for medical cannabis information.



We understand that you may have questions or concerns before referring your patient to Harvest Medicine & invite you to browse our answers to commonly asked questions by medical professionals.

Reported Outcomes by Condition

As part of providing exemplary healthcare service to our patients, Harvest Medicine tracks patient progress corresponding to each particular condition. When patients return to our clinic for their medical cannabis follow-up appointments, we ask them to answer two simple questions: “Has medical cannabis met your expectations as part of your treatment plan?” and “How has medical cannabis impacted your quality of life?” Patient answers are tracked unique to each condition.

Opioid Reduction Information

Opioid reduction is an area of growing interest amongst healthcare professionals and patients in Canada. View the latest research on cannabis & opioid reduction.

Research by Condition

The field of medical cannabis research is constantly evolving
with new studies showing emerging evidence for medical cannabis's effectiveness in treating numerous conditons and symptom management. To learn more about research for each condition, browse our collection of current data and research.


The most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, but there are over 100 different cannabinoid compounds within the cannabis plant. Learn more about each cannabinoid from our library.


Do you want to be a leader in an exciting emerging medical field?

Are you a physician, nurse practitioner, patient educator or medical office administrator in Canada that’s interested in treating patients holistically and spending the time to help them along their journey?

Do you have an interest in mental health, pain or chronic inflammation?

Then practicing with Harvest Medicine may be for you!

HCP Information Request

If you’d like more information about the medical cannabis industry,
how to refer, or regulations set out for patient access, we would love to hear from you.


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Stay up to date with us!

Receive quarterly publications with Harvest Medicine announcements,
current events, & educational opportunities. You may unsubscribe at any time.