FAQs: ACMPR & Growing At Home

In this section, you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about getting authorized & started to grow your own medical cannabis.

What is the ACMPR?
ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and was created to replace the repealed MMPR regulations. The medical cannabis industry, and everyone within it, must abide by these regulations. In 2018, the ACMPR was merged within a new set of regulations called The Cannabis Act, which covers both legal recreational and medical cannabis rules. Under The Cannabis Act, medical patients have special designations with regard to possession amounts and the number of plants for those growing their own cannabis.
Can I grow my own cannabis?
Under the The Cannabis Act, any individual may grow up to 4 plants. Medical patients requiring a greater number of plants must apply directly with Health Canada, and Harvest Medicine will assist you with this process. The number of plants allotted is determined by the gram amount prescribed. Individuals may grow a specific quantity solely for their own use, and for one other designated patient if that option is completed on Annex B of the form. There are strict limits on production and storage amounts. Remember that you must allocate part of your allotment to growing, so you will be allowed to purchase less per month from your LP.
How do I register to grow my own cannabis?
To register for the production of your own cannabis for medical purposes, please review the steps and documentation required by Health Canada. Once you have completed all required documentation, book your appointment with Harvest Medicine, and we'll be happy to assist. Please note, authorization is at the discretion of the authorizing healthcare professional.
If I'm growing my own cannabis, do I still need a licensed producer?
It will take time for your approval to be processed by Health Canada, anywhere from 6-8 weeks or longer. As well, you will need to prepare your grow room, and wait for your plants to grow and mature. During this interim time, it's best to retain your LP registration. Your LP provides lab-tested, consistent supply, and offers far more product choice. Your home grow might supplement your allotment, but it's wise to have a backup supply in case of unforeseen circumstances.
What will I need to grow my own cannabis outside?
Cannabis Act Personal Production approved starter material (either seedlings or seeds from an LP authorized to sell these to patients). Any other starting material is illegal. A secure grow area. Approved (food safe) pest and weed control. Consistent pH, requiring a pH monitor. Different nutrients for each phase of the plant’s life and a drying area for your harvest.
What will I need to grow my own cannabis inside?
For inside grows, you have the added expense of: Clean, food-safe soil or growing medium. Full spectrum lighting (window light is inadequate) and light control (total darkness for specific hours of the day). Fan(s) for air movement. Ventilation for air exchange. Odour control through filtration. Humidity and temperature monitoring and control and potentially a dehumidifier to protect from dangerous molds.

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