FAQs: Doctors, Nurses & Educators

This section contains answers questions about Harvest Medicine physicians, nurse pratitioners and patient educators.

What is the role of doctors at Harvest Medicine?
Our physicians and nurse practitioners assess each patient individually and confidentially, taking account of your medical history, current medications, and treatment goals. After review of these important factors, they will determine whether medical cannabis is appropriate, and make recommendations with regard to THC levels and dosages. The physician includes this information on a "medical document". Follow-up patients will also consult with a physician or nurse practitioners to monitor results, changes and to address any questions about your treatment plan.
What are the doctors' qualifications?
All Harvest Medicine physicians are fully qualified medical doctors who are both licensed and governed by their province's College of Physicians. Patients may also be supported by Nurse Practitioners, nurses who have extended training and knowledge and are governed by provincial Colleges of Nurses. At Harvest Medicine, our healthcare providers are fully specialized to prescribe medical cannabis, and are noted experts on the endocannabinoid system, with extensive experience leading including delivering academic presentations, creating curriculum, and teaching medical cannabis best practices to healthcare professionals across Canada.
What are Harvest Medicine patient educators' qualifications?
At Harvest, we train our patient educators to ensure that you get the important information that you need. Some have studied medical cannabis and/or Health Canada regulations in the academic setting. Ongoing education and training are regularly provided to keep our team up to date on the newest developments with regard to cannabis science and research, as well as available products. Our patient educator team is also in touch with all LPs, to get information directly from the source. Many patient educators are patients just like you or have family members who use medical cannabis, so they can directly relate to your experience and provide you with the best care possible.
What is the availability of the doctor or nurse practitioner after my first visit?
We're here to help! If you have any questions about your treatment plan or dosage you are always welcome to book an early follow-up appointment with our healthcare professionals. For specific information on your medical cannabis products, you are also encouraged to contact your LP directly.
What is the availability of a patient educator after my first visit?
You are welcome to reach out anytime to our care center by phone during normal clinic hours or send us an email. If your question is related specifically to your product, you may also wish to speak directly with your licensed producer.

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