FAQs: Ordering & Receiving

This section contains answers to our most frequently asked questions about ordering, shipping, & receiving your medical cannabis.

Do I order my medical cannabis from your clinic?
Authorized patients purchase their medical cannabis directly from their chosen LP by calling in or ordering online. Harvest Medicine will help patients get authorized and registered with an LP to be able to begin ordering their medical cannabis. Ask our patient educators about first-order support if you require your products to arrive sooner. There is no cannabis on-site or for sale at any Harvest Medicine clinic. Health Canada requires secure delivery to your address or that of a designate by either courier or Canada Post.
How do I order medical cannabis?
You can order via phone or the internet. Many patients prefer to talk over the phone with their LP for the first order, as they can answer specific questions about their products and help to ensure you’re ordering the right product.
If I am not home, can someone else sign for my package?
Yes, if they are 18 or older.
How much medical cannabis can I order?
The lesser of, one month’s (30 days) allotment at a time or 150 grams.
How often can I order medical cannabis from my licensed producer?
You may order as often as you wish, but you cannot exceed your monthly allotment in any 30 day period. Check with your LP's shipping policy to confirm shipping prices for additional orders.
Is shipping included in the price of my medicine?
Shipping price is generally not included in the price of your order, however, many LPs offer free shipping. Check with your lp directly for shipping policies and prices.
How does my LP pack and ship their products?
All LPs must follow strict Health Canada guidelines for weighing, packaging, and shipping products. Containers must be childproof and contain specific product information. Your medication will be sent to you in discreet packaging, with added measures to contain the scent of cannabis.
How does my LP ensure each product is of the best quality?
Each batch of cannabis sold by an LP is tested to Health Canada standards by a third-party laboratory with a "COA" or "Certificate of Analysis" issued. Cannabis products are tested for accurate THC/CBD levels, terpene profiles, mould, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

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