FAQs: Registration Process

In this section, we answer questions about accessing medical cannabis, getting registered with a licensed producer, & how to renew your authorization.

Do you have a minimum age policy?
Access to medical cannabis is subject to the legal age limit in each individual province or territory. Individuals under 25 years will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Can I just walk into the clinic and wait to see a doctor?
All appointments are pre-booked, we do not accept walk-ins. To avoid disappointment, please schedule your appointment ahead of time. You may do so online, call us or send us an email.
How do I access medical cannabis?
At Harvest Medicine, patients are first assessed by a cannabis trained healthcare professional who will take into account your medical history and treatment goals. If authorized, patients are then issued a "medical document", and meet with a patient educator. The patient educator will assist you in selecting and registering with a suitable LP to purchase your medication from, as well as offering guidance on product selection and dosage. Once your registration is finalized with the LP, patients order their medication directly from the LP, either online or by telephone and medication is sent directly to your home via courier, usually Purolator or Canada Post Expresspost. With Harvest Medicine to assist you, accessing medical cannabis is hassle-free.
Once I've completed my forms, how long does the registration process take?
To complete your registration, your documents must be processed and verified by your chosen LP. This is usually completed within a few business days but in some cases, may take up to 3 weeks. Once your registration is complete, you will receive notification from your LP, either by phone or email, letting you know that your account is active and that you are free to place orders. Patients seeking access in the shortest possible time are welcome to ask our patient educators for recommendations on which LPs have the fastest reported registration turnaround times or first-order support. If the registration process seems to be taking too long, please call us or send us an email.
What is first-order support?
For individuals who require their medical cannabis products as quickly as possible, Harvest Medicine offers a program that allows you to place your first product order during your initial appointment. Certain limitations apply, please ask your patient educator if this is a viable option for you.
Does signing up on my licensed producer's (LP's) website make me a registered patient?
Creating an account on your LP's website is the first step, however, you are not considered a registered patient until a medical document has been completed by an authorizing healthcare professional, forwarded to the LP, and verified. You will be notified by phone or email by the LP to let you know when your registration is finalized.
If I am already a registered patient, how do I update my personal information?
To update your information on file, please call us or notify a staff member before you start your appointment. Photo proof of identity and address will be required (when calling in, your agent will provide you specific instructions for confirming your proof of identity)
Is it possible to register with multiple licensed producers (LPs) of medical cannabis?
We recommended that you register with one LP to start with, to get familiar with the process of selecting and ordering products. However, you may register with additional LPs at any time thereafter. Your total gram per day allotment must be divided between each. Let your patient educator know of any LP changes during your appointment and they will be able to facilitate the switch. At any time, you may change or update your LP(s) online by completing our Quick Change LP form.
Can I purchase multiple strains or products at one time?
You are not limited to purchasing one product from your LP, we encourage strain exploration to help you find the products that best suit your needs. For example, many patients will use different products for daytime and nighttime relief. When trying a new product, we recommend purchasing a smaller amount at first, to avoid having too much of a product that may not suit your needs. Remember "start low, go slow".

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