HMED Connect brings our clinic to your living room.

Perhaps you're in pain, feeling anxious, not sleeping well, longing for
better days or generally feeling off. You've tried everything to manage
your symptoms, and it isn't working.

We hear you.

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A referral from your physician is not required for a general assessment or education. You will be assessed by our team of knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professionals. However, appointments with our Chronic Pain Specialist will require a referral from your family physician. Please have them fax us a completed referral form to 1-888-980-9713.  Once your referral is in place with Harvest, we would be happy to assist you.

Harvest Medicine can assist with access to plant-based solutions
for patients who:
Have exhausted their traditional treatment options.
Would like alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.
Wish to improve their health, independence or overall well-being.
Have encountered barriers to access after discussing plant-based therapies with their family doctor.

Get connected to a healthcare
professional to start your journey today.

Connect quickly and privately to a Harvest Medicine physician, giving you a one-on-one consultation while in the comfort of your own home. Virtual visits with HMED Connect are available for residents of British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, & Yukon.
Due to provincial regulations, we cannot assess or authorize patients living in Saskatchewan and Quebec via HMED Connect, but these patients still have access to educational resources and are free to book education-only appointments. At this time, Alberta patient appointments are via telemedicine only, please book your appointment via our online bookings portal by clicking this link.
All Harvest Medicine virtual visits are free of charge to patients. HMED Connect is free to download with no hidden fees.
Let us help you get connected.

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    Why download HMED Connect?


    A clinic that fits in your pocket

    HMED Connect takes you through the
    entire process from intake and
    assessment, to education and
    registration, with ongoing support.

    Works around your busy schedule

    With a streamlined signup process, you can easily book online appointments with minimal time commitment.

    Secure, remote consult with a healthcare professional

    With discreet signup from your Apple or
    Android device, you can perform your
    consultation from the privacy of
    your home.

    A clinical, medical experience by professionals

    HMED Connect uses a systematic
    approach with a focus on education.

    Who uses HMED Connect?


    Natural Medicine Seekers

    A natural medicine used for thousands of years.


    Facing Mobility Issues

    When getting to appointments can literally be a pain.


    Rural & Remote

    There's not always a clinic nearby.


    Busy People

    Get connected when it works for you.


    Shy or Nervous

    Ease your mind with private & discreet assessment.

    What can we help you with?

    Harvest Medicine supports patients of all ages and walks of
    life who are living with a number of chronic conditions. If
    you are diagnosed with any of the following or have other
    symptoms that affect your overall quality of life,
    Harvest Medicine may be right for you.

    Chronic pain
    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    Join our growing community of patients

    You're not alone on your journey. We've helped thousands of
    new patients get settled in.


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