Medical Cannabis Gummies & Soft Chews

  • Convenient, discreet, and easy to travel with  
  • Mess-free; no syringes, droppers, or liquids to spill  
  • Easier on the stomach for those with digestion issues  
  • Pleasant tasting for a better experience  
  • Pre-measured, accurate and consistent dosages  

Many of the products available use natural fruit flavorings including apple, berry, lemon, orange, peach, strawberry, raspberry or watermelon. Vegetarians and vegans will be pleased to hear that select brands of cannabis gummies or soft chews are available in formulations to meet their dietary requirements.  

In terms of price, cannabis gummies and soft chews may cost more per milligram of cannabinoid content than the traditional forms of dried cannabis and oils. However, many patients find that the extra spend is well worth it for the enhanced taste, convenience and ease of use. 

Medical cannabis gummies are readily available in a variety of formulations to suit medical requirements along with individual preferences. All edibles are derived from sativa dominant, hybrid or indica dominant cultivars which allows for further control over the edible experience. Beyond these identifying factors, a patient may choose from common cannabinoid categories such as: 

  • CBD 
  • Balanced  
  • Unique ratios 
  • Low, mid or high THC 

By selecting a gummy or soft chew by cultivar, cannabinoid content, flavor and special additions (or omissions) you can make your medical cannabis edible experience as unique as you are! 

It is also important to be aware of Health Canada’s guidelines for packaging and sale of edibles as there are restrictions to the total amount of THC permitted per unit, rules about additives, labelling and more. Click here for additional details

There are currently at least 10 licensed producers (LPs) offering gummy or soft chew products, with over 35 unique edible medical cannabis products to choose from on the market. The newest addition to this selection includes Vacay’s Vegan Fruit Chews available at Canna Farms. Each 5mg THC gummy is made with real fruit juices + purees and as the name suggests, perfect for the vegetarian or vegan diet. These lemon stand or watermelon splash THC edibles are pectin-free as well as gluten-free, which is a necessary bonus for patients with Celiac Disease who are looking for a “dietary-safe” medical cannabis edible.  

Safety & Storage 

Cannabis gummies should always be stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and direct heat. Because this form of medication may appeal to small children or be confused for a non-medicinal product, great care should always be taken to store securely in a safe place.  

It is important to know that gummies are not just for recreational cannabis users. As more individuals turn to medical cannabis to manage symptoms, gummies are becoming a more accepted and stigma-free way to consume medication. There are tangible benefits to accessing your gummies from a trusted LP source via the medical stream, including: 

Want to know more? 

Ask your HMED patient educator about gummies during your next follow-up appointment or give us a call any time at 1-844-488-4633

You can also find out what’s new in the medical marketplace by visiting our New-to-Market Price Watch page. This space features a monthly report of new medical cannabis products, including all forms of medical edibles. 

Not yet a patient? 

Harvest Medicine is currently accepting new patients who are new to cannabis, already self-medicating but would like medical support, or experienced users who want to refine their treatments with medical products. Check out our patient journey page here to see how easy it is to become a medical cannabis patient at Harvest Medicine.  


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