Does Bud Size Matter?

Bud size is something that is frequently mentioned among cannabis users, often with the viewpoint that “bigger is better”.   When it comes to quality testing of Licensed Producer product under Health Canada guidelines, focus is on accurate cannabinoid values, terpene profiles, acceptable moisture content, and the absence of contaminantsWhile big buds may be impressive, there is another rule at play…the bigger the bud, the larger the stemA container full of smaller buds will generally yield more usable cannabis and have more value than one containing two or three large buds, and bud size should not impact efficacy.
Sativa dominant cultivars tend to produce flowers that are generally longer and thinner, along and away from the length of the branch, while indica cultivars produce more dense, compact buds that flower in clusters around branch nodesFor this reason, indica buds often appear to be shorter and smaller. Dense and compact buds also tend to break lessAny material that does break off from a bud still contains trichomes and active medicinal ingredients and should still be effective. Additionally, not all plants, buds, and flowers grow the same and therefore will yield all different sizes of “final bud” productsThe variety of sizes, shapes, and aromas of each cultivar are some of the many unique qualities of the cannabis plant family that we have come to know, love, and use as medications.
Jack Herer by Canna Farms
Jack Herer by Canna Farms - Sativa Dominant
Pink Kush by Canna Farms
Pink Kush by Canna Farms - Indica Dominant
Regardless of bud size, it is always important to store your dry cannabis in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and heat. Cannabis is organic material and herbs do become dry, even in the best packaging scenarioMany LPs send along moisture regulating packs with each orderTo reach your preferred “bud moisture” content, we encourage our patients to use these moisture packs when possible to keep buds from drying out and affecting user experience. Keeping your cannabis sealed in its original container until you are ready to use will help as well.  
For those who consume medical cannabis in its dry form, remember vaporizing your cannabis versus smoking is the health practitioner recommended method of inhalation, and considered safer for lung health. 
We hope you enjoy your buds of all cultivars and sizes!

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