Do you have neuropathic pain?

In Canada, 3% of the population is affected by neuropathic pain, that is approximately 1 million Canadians. Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to or dysfunction of the nervous system, which can prevent the transmission of successful signals from the body to the brain, or brain to the body.  Experienced symptoms will vary depending on the individual and the location of neurological damage. However, the following symptoms are common in the limbsabnormal reactions to stimuli, numbness or tingling, shooting, burning, aching or stabbing painThere are many treatments for symptom relief which may include medications, exercise, diet changes, massage, acupuncture or potentially medical cannabis.
Join us online February 17th, 2021 at 1pm (MST) and listen to Dr. Olga de Sanctis and Faraz Sachedina present on (medical) cannabis and neuropathic pain. They will explore the fundamentals of cannabis while highlighting key aspects of how cannabis can play a role in symptom management and quality of life improvements for those who live with neuropathic painThis event is free, but participant space is limited; use the link below to register & reserve your spot today!
Dr. Olga de Sanctis joined Harvest Medicine in 2017 as a practicing physician and cannabis consultant. In 2020 she was promoted to Medical Director and continues to support patients to better health with medical cannabis therapies.  Prior to her outstanding work at Harvest Medicine, Dr. de Sanctis owned and managed a large family practice in Calgary, Alberta for 28 years. Dr. de Sanctis graduated from Concordia University Montreal, Quebec with a BSc Honors Biochemistry. She went on to complete her medical degree at the Cummings School of Medicine (formerly University of Calgary Medical School) and a fellowship in Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa Medical School. Dr. de Sanctis also has certifications from the Medical Cannabis Institute, Post Graduate Institute for Medicine and completed a CanREACH Primary Pediatric Psychopharmacology Mini-Fellowship. 
Doctor Olga De Sanctis
Faraz Sachedina
Faraz completed his medical training in Europe, USA and Canada, bringing a vast array of experiences from different perspectives to his repertoire. In December 2020, he also completed the Michener Institute Cannabis Education Certification. Recently appointed Vice President, Medical Clinic Operations at Harvest Medicine, Faraz Sachedina has continually shown his dedication to patients and their continuity of care. Faraz is passionate about sports & rehab medicine and how medical cannabis has demonstrated major benefits in the recovery side of therapy. After being involved in research with the US fencing team, sports nutrition and traumatic brain injury fields, Faraz has switched gears, including a research approach, in adjunct to key partnerships within the medical community to help provide resources to this growing therapeutic field. 

If you have any questions about this presentation, feel free to contact us at any time or book an appointment to speak directly with one of our experienced healthcare professionals.

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