Carole Chan at Medical Cannabis Week 2020

Medical Cannabis Week is an annual event featuring speakers from across the Canadian cannabis landscape, including patients, practitioners, researchers, and industry, with the goal of sharing information and raising awareness. This year’s presentations ranged from advocacy and access to medical cannabis, scientific advances, medical cannabis and wellness, and a discussion of medical vs. recreational cannabis.

Harvest Medicine was represented by none other than our President, Carole Chan at Medical Cannabis Week 2020. She was interviewed with Jay Rosenthal, co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, on the topic of access to medical cannabis in Canada. Carole shares her insights on how patients can access medical cannabis, benefits and barriers, the role of a medical cannabis clinic, creating a best-in-class patient experience, patient advocacy and the importance of ongoing clinical research.

Carole is a licensed pharmacist with over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device technology and cannabis industries, and has spent her career-changing perceptions to reduce stigma and advocate for patients. In addition to her role as President of Harvest Medicine, Carole is currently the Chief Commercial and People Officer at VIVO Cannabis Inc, leading the external and internal experiences of valued customers, patients, and employees.

This Medical Cannabis Week segment also features an interview with Helen Stevenson, founder and CEO of Reformulary Group. She discusses the importance of maintaining two distinct markets for medical & recreational cannabis in Canada and the need for more tools and support for patients as well as physicians.

We hope you enjoy these lively, insightful, and informative interviews!

*Note skip ahead. The interviews start at the 4:52minutes mark.


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