Hedgehog by Emblem

The Hedgehog a.k.a Afternoon Delight has been a recent staple for Emblem.  The Afternoon Delight strain was originally created by Colorado Seed Inc. and can be a difficult strain to track down (it is unclear as to why this is). Although Afternoon Delight is indica dominant it is classified as a hybrid strain and is a genetic cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.

Strain Name: Hedgehog (Afternoon Delight)

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid- THC: 15.23%, CBD: <0.12%,

Most prominent terpenes: Myrcene

Physical Description:

The Hedgehog has a charming look to it with a royal dark sea green pepper with little subtle spots of light pistachio green. The buds are dense with a tight bud structure and tend to be moderate in size. There appears to be conservative amounts of trichomes throughout the bud, but this is compensated for in look but the stunning red hairs protruding from the elegant greens of this hip looking strain.

What does it smell like?

Upon first opening the container, Hedgehog unfolds with a surprising array of scents and aromas! The smell is truly spicy and peppery with pungent whiffs of pine surfacing through the initial spiciness. These aromas are then follow closely by a bit of zesty citrus and an earthy hop smell (similar to the smell coming from a brewery) that stings the nostrils in the most cordial of ways!

What does it taste like?

The Hedgehog will not only please and surprise the user with it’s incredible aroma but also in the more than agreeable taste profile! Upon inhaling this awesome strain the introductory flavours swirl over the palette and offer a pleasant hoppy, earthy, and spicy flavour complemented with a tropical sweetness (similar to a Banana and Mango smoothie). Upon exhaling a diplomatic flavour of sour pine washes over the palet, truly making this one of the most unique tasting strains.

*Use and Effects:

The Hedgehog is a strain that although classified as a hybrid, certainly leans towards it’s indica genetics and effects. If modest to lower amounts of this strain are used it can truly be the perfect afternoon treat with a relaxation that encompasses the mind and body, creating a strong buzz and can be the perfect way to unwind have a long day at work. However, if heavier amounts of this strain are used watch out for the couchlocking effect, there are still some initial cerebral effects, but then quickly moves on to a full body high with heavy eyes. I have consumed this strain through a few different methods- through a water pipe, joint and a desktop vapourizer unit; all of which worked. However, using this strain in a vapourizer did allow me to have a slightly clearer mind.


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