Kanata by OrganiGram

The Kanata was released on Canada’s 150th Birthday, pays homage to this strain’s Canadian roots and is a creation from OrganiGram; unfortunately, with the genetics are not known publicly. OrganiGram takes a lot of pride in being Canadian and therefore uses some Canadian influences when naming their strains. The name Kanata is derived from the Huron-Iroquois word ‘kanata’ (translated as ‘village’ or ‘settlement’) and is how the name ‘Canada’ was born. The european explorer Jacques Cartier first referred to the area around modern-day Quebec City as ‘Canada’ around 1535. The name was adopted in various applications through the colonies, and eventually, Confederation gave birth to a new nation in 1867, dubbed Canada. The name ‘Canada’ itself is representative of all the nation’s founding peoples and is a very appropriate name for this wonderful Canadian strain.

Strain Name: Kanata

Strain Details: Indica – THC: 22.1%, CBD: <0.07%,

Terpenes: Pinene Limonene Caryophyllene Humulene

Physical Description:

The Kanata is fluffy to the touch and jovial in appearance, as anything this Canadian should be! The flower projects a handsome pistachio forest green with short discreet marigold hairs sprinkled around the herb and peeking out of the enchanting green. Dusting the flower, like a frost on a crisp winter morning, are a substantial amount of snowy white trichomes making this strain sparkle in the light.

What does it smell like?

The Kanata offers a homey and inviting smell to it! At first a pungent pine and floral aroma is given off possibly reminding the user of camping in the forest and waking up to the smell the morning after a light rain shower.  These scents are followed by a little zesty citrus and diesel, but never letting off the pine overtones making this a strain any could relate to the Great White North!

What does it taste like?

Upon initially inhaling the decedent Kanata strain one is greeted to sweet and sour earthy notes similar to a cocktail of apples, pine, limes and certainly moss. This pleasurable flavor extends along the palate and introduces flowery and herbal nuances upon exhaling ones toke.

*Use and Effects:

The Kanata even has Canadian like effects- it’s laid back and inviting, but quite strong and upholds the reputation of Canadian cannabis! Unlike most indicas the Kanata does not leave the user couch-locked. Instead it’s a relaxing high that engulfs the body and mind in a warm blanket of blissfulness making one forget about pain or any negative thoughts. The onset of the high is graceful and long in duration with relaxing effects, however, due to the high potency of the strain some burnout is to be expect which can eventually aid in sleep. I have consumed this strain through a number of methods – a water pipe, a joint, and vaporizer (both desktop and portable); all of which worked well for the effects. However, this strain vapourized particularly well and should be vapourized  to fully appreciate this strain’s taste profile.

Original Review Feb 12 2018.


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